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The Twisted Hippo aims to provide one-on-one customer service, high quality and comfort tees & simple natural wooden products.


Your Support . . .
Your purchase is not just a purchase to a big box company – each purchase makes a huge difference to our family. It allows me to have flexible hours so I can attend school functions with the kids. It helps provide new shoes to the every growing feet of the boys, along with family trips for some much needed downtime. It times like now, during the Pandemic, you provided our family with a peace of mind that we are
All In This Together.
How Our Journey Started . . .
Our story starts in 2015 when I wanted to take our family to Disney World. I wanted a vacation and wanted a way to fund it. At that time, I focused just on adult tees and was known as TN Sweet Tee – combining my love for southern sweet tea with tees.
I expanded into babies and kids and opened a second business under TN Sweet Pea offering custom and monogram on high quality boutique clothing.
We went to Disney World in the fall and 9 months later welcomed a new addition to the family! The Disney magic changed our world. I made the choice to stay home, be there when my oldest got off the bus and was able to work around the new baby's schedule --- the one where he didn't sleep too much.
I decided to dip my foot in craft fairs and festivals and decided the festival life was a great way for me to meet one on one with my customers, meet other vendors and build a name in our community. I wanted to go to the next level with the business and invested in a direct to garment printing, providing high quality printing on high quality tees and hoodies. It was this time that I combined the two brands into one, creating The Twisted Hippo. I wanted to set myself apart from the sublimation and vinyl world and new name is just what I needed.
I get asked “how did we come up with the name?” Honestly, we sat around one night and went back and forth on fun creative names . .. . I wanted a name that people would remember. A name that when someone needed printed tees, they would say “hey, let's call The Twisted Hippo”. And thus, our brand was born.
In 2020, I expanded into wood products, providing natural wood games, puzzles and art kits. The Impossibly Possible Puzzle was our first product and it grows from there.  I also expanded into brick and mortar stores at the end of 2020 when festivals were canceling. We are now in 4 brick and mortars stores located in Rocky Top, TN (Out of The Attic), Clarksville, TN (Miss Lucielle's), Dickson, TN (High Cotton) and Franklin, TN (The Painted Tree)
Our Work Force . . .
Running a business has it's challenges, especially running one with 2 boys in tow. It's a life – work balance that we are learning each day. Between Band Concerts, XC meets, Play Doh & Painting, we make it work. It takes team parenting and a great understanding from our boys. They enjoy attending festivals with me and our oldest has started helping manage the booth. The youngest likes to come hang out too! 

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