This Is Us

Your support means more than just a transaction with a faceless corporation – it's the lifeblood of our family. Each purchase contributes to the ability to maintain flexibility in our schedules, ensuring we can be present for important school functions, sports events, and moments with our children. It's what allows me to keep our boys in properly fitting shoes as they grow, and affords us the precious opportunity to visit family back in TN.

Moreover, it grants me the flexibility to navigate unexpected challenges, like when our kids fall ill or need to juggle multiple responsibilities at once. This is not just a marketing pitch; it's our reality.

The journey began back in 2015 with a simple desire to take our family to Disney World. At that time, I was focused solely on adult tees under the name TN Sweet Tee, inspired by my love for southern sweet tea. As our family grew, so did our business, expanding into children's clothing with TN Sweet Pea, offering custom and monogrammed boutique items. 

Venturing into craft fairs and festivals allowed me to forge personal connections with customers and fellow vendors, shaping the brand into what it is today: The Twisted Hippo. With the addition of direct-to-garment printing, I elevated our offerings, providing high-quality merchandise with unique designs. And offering wholesale and fundraising, which is my true passion when it comes to DTG printing. 

My journey has been marked by experimentation and growth, including the expansion into wood products in 2020 with the introduction of The Impossibly Possible Puzzle, and the subsequent upgrade to a professional laser machine in 2021. In 2023, I introduced acrylic items such as signs, earrings & cup toppers. I also introduced boutique items that would pair well with the brand, and it was a well-received for Mardi Gras. We will continue to introduce boutique items to our brand. I am extremely vigilant on the materials and quality of the boutique items I introduce, so you can buy with confidence. 

Despite setbacks, such as the closure of our brick-and-mortar stores in 2022 due to a relocation to Louisiana, I remain steadfast in my commitment to the business and our family. The workforce is a collaborative effort involving our two boys, who learn valuable lessons about resilience, hard work, and perseverance as they witness us building our dreams amidst the chaos of everyday life.

As The Twisted Hippo continues to grow and evolve, I welcome new opportunities and adventures. Your support fuels that journey, and I am grateful for each and every contribution. Thank you for being a part of our story.