Portland Middle TN Strawberry Festival - May 2019

Spring festivals were a season of rainy days and made a huge finale for us at the Middle TN Strawberry Festival in May. We ended our spring festival season with an ode to strawberries at the Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival even through the stop and go rain and then the final downpour that cleared up just in time for the fireworks. By far, this was the best spring festival show but perhaps I'm biased because of my love for strawberries. 

The Twisted Hippo sold out of our Portland and Strawberry wine tees and tanks within the first few hours. You just never know how popular an item is going to be so I'm better prepared next year! The biggest hit was our cute daddy joke kid pirate strawberry tee.

Love my fiance for designing this strawberry pirate.. Every parent that walked by read it, pointed at and giggled. Dad jokes are the best..... sometimes :) 

During the downpour, my booth partner and BFF Stephanie and I had to put the walls to the tent up. We were soaked by the end. We huddled up in our tent, giving ourselves a makeshift break to chow down on lunch / dinner. When the rain subsided, I got to jump in some puddles with some little girls. The laughter and amusement that a grown women was splashing in puddles was certainly a highlight of the day.

While most vendors packed up and headed out due to rain, we stuck it through and the reward was a front row view of the ending festival fireworks. I videod my little boy who was home sick so he could see the fireworks too. 

Even the rain couldn't ruin this festival for us. It was fun, playful and full of great memories. 


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